Name Japan-Asia Medical Welfare Cooperative(NICHIA)
Established 2018.11
Our work ①Recruitment and training support business for foreign long-term care workers
※We are a Licensed Supervising Organization for the Technical Intern Training Program (License #1808000404)
※Registered Support Organization for Specified Skilled Workers (Registration #20-005147)
※Charged Employment Business (License #27-2-303454)
② Joint purchasing business of consumables handled by union members
③Improvement and improvement of management and technology related to the business of union members
 Or, education and provision of information to disseminate knowledge about union business
④ Business related to welfare of union members
Domestic area Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo, Nara, Tokyo, Aichi, Fukui※Currently in the planning process for other prefectures
Sending country Myanmar, Vietnam, Indonesia, China, India※Currently in the planning process for other countries
Board members ◆Board chairman/ Chuma Koki

◆Board member / Itamiya Goro
board chairman of Ikeda-Satukikai Social Welfare Corporation
◆Board member / Oasa Ryota
◆Board member / Kinoshita Shinichi
board chairman of Ryuseikai Medical Corporation
◆Board member / Koyama Yasuo
board chairman of Aino-fukushikai Social Welfare Corporation
◆Board member / Fukuda Mitsumasa
vice chairman of Shoufukukai Social Welfare Corporation
◆Board member and head of executive office / Yamada Yuji

◆Auditor / Wano Masaaki
CEO of Rino Life Support Co,.Ltd
◆Advisor / Ida Atsuro
CEO of Possible Medical Science Co,.Ltd of WEST JAPAN RAILWAY COMPANY
Affiliated Companies ◆Quick Co., Ltd.(Human resources service company)
Listed on the Prime Market of the Kyo Securities Exchange
Official Web Sitehttps://919.jp/

◆Longlife Holding Co.,Ltd.( Welfare and long-term care service company)
Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Standard Market
Official Web Sitehttps://www.longlife-holding.co.jp/<